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Seek legal advice before relocating your child

The team at Wiltshire Family Law is well known for their expertise in the area of child relocation. This is an area of particular interest to
Andrew Wiltshire and he has dealt with a vast number of cases in both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia.


Child Relocation

Whether it be for a new job, more family support or a new partner, from time to time, separated parents wish to relocate with their child.

Can I move to another city/town with my child?
Yes – maybe…

If moving to another city or town will not change the parenting arrangement for the child, then it is likely that there would be no issue with you moving with the child.

If moving to another city will change the parenting arrangement for the child, then it is likely that you will need the other parent’s permission or an order from the Court to move with the child. If the other parent gives you permission to move with the child, we strongly recommend that you formalise the agreement by way of a parenting plan or consent orders.

How will the Court decide?
When determining parenting arrangements, the Court considers what arrangement would be in the best interests of the child. There are a raft of considerations for the Court in doing so and the outcome is entirely dependent on the Court’s assessment of what is best for the child. Please see our FAQ on “Parenting Arrangements” for more information.