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Child Support

The Child Support Agency manages the assessment and collection of child support.

When assessing how much child support is payable, the Child Support Agency considers:

  • The parents’ income – both sole and joint income;
  • The amount of nights the child spends with each parent; and
  • The child’s age.

There are a range of options available when it comes to the collection of child support. If the party paying child support, fails in their obligations to make those payments then the child support payments can be deducted directly from their wage.

What if I want a private child support agreement?
If both parties agree, they can enter into a private child support agreement. A private Child Support Agreement allows parents to include periodic and non-periodic payments (i.e. payments for health insurance, school fees etc.) into their child support arrangement. Please contact our office for more information about private Child Support Agreements.

What if the other party lives outside Australia?
If the other party is living outside of Australia, they may still be eligible to pay child support. Our lawyers can assist you to better understand your entitlements or liabilities in relation to child support.