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De facto Property Settlements

Laws relating to de facto relationships
Since 1 March 2009 the laws relating to property settlement and spousal maintenance for de facto relationships are practically the same as the laws which apply to marital relationships.  These laws apply to both same sex and opposite sex relationships.

Division of property and finances after separation
The Family Law Courts are able to order a division of any property that the couple own, either separately or jointly, as long as a de facto relationship can be established, and one of the parties has made substantial financial or non-financial contributions (including as home maker and parent) such that serious injustice would result to that party if order was not made.

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Matrimonial Property Settlements

What is a property settlement?
Matrimonial property settlement refers to the division of assets and liabilities following separation.

The Family Law Courts are able to order a division of any property that the couple own, either separately or together with each other.

The Family Law Act encourages parties to reach an agreement without resorting to costly litigation.  In fact, it is a procedural requirement that both parties engage meaningfully in negotiations to reach an agreement before filing an application in the Family Court of Australia.  Although this is not a procedural requirement for matrimonial property matters dealt with in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, it is strongly encouraged.

Where parties are unable to reach an agreement with respect to the division of the matrimonial property following separation, the Court may be called upon to determine how the matrimonial assets are to be divided.

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